Whether your needs be large or small, dramatic or functional,
remodeling with care and creativity will bring new life
into your home or business. Protect your investment and increase
the value of your property with professional remodeling and reform
by JCS Enterprises. Remodeling After Before
Remodeling an existing property is often more feasible than building new. Often times, a mere
coat of fresh paint will make all the difference in the world. More often than not, time, use and weather have taken a greater toll than paint can remedy. Experience is key to determining just how far to go, how deep to go, and how best to properly repair a structure to receive its face-lift. Along with experience, craftsmanship and care are essential to bring the elements of the old, and the new,
to a harmonious, and beautiful, completion.
A stripped room ready for reconstruction.
The new kitchen provides more storage, and space. counterspace
Fresh floors and walls for a clean start.
A small, well used bath had outlived its welcome.
Serious work reclaims needed space.
A spacious, convenient bath is installed.
This bathtub allows a relaxing soak.
The old kitchen just didn’t have enough space.
Work flow suffered, and storage was needed.
New kitchen doubles workspace and storage
Smooth work flow.
Old hallway and utility needed update.
Shelving and closet for easy organization.
Adjustable shelving for just the right fit.
Moulding, paint and wallpaper add charm.
A spacious new vanity.
Charming accents lighten the decor.