North American construction methods and materials of the USA and Canada are proven winners in the Japanese housing market. Both fashionable and comfortable, North American homes also provide high value for your investment.
  1. Safety is #1! North American homes are proven performers in earthquakes and typhoons, providing you and your family with peace of mind.
  1. Versatile  floor plans, and a wide variety of finish options make individual tastes easy to satisfy.
  1. Environmentally friendly materials and energy efficiency are hallmarks of North American homes.
  1. Live in style, comfort and  ease in an imported North American home.
New Housing
Japanese 2x4 construction methods are based on North American methods, but are modified to allow easy use of domestically available materials, and standard domestic building practices. 2x4 construction dominates the new home market nationally, and continues to grow year after year.
  1. 2x4 are built to strict standards to insure a families safety in earthquakes and typhoons.
  1. Floor plans are much more versatile than traditional post and beam construction, allowing for a true custom home.
  1. Readily available domestic materials and streamlined construction methods allow for timely completion of homes.
  1. Stylish and comfortable, increased energy efficiency, and low maintenance make 2x4 homes a great value.
North American
Japanese 2x4
Whether you want a true import house, a hybrid, or a domestic standard 2x4 house, I can provide you with all the necessary experience and professional construction methods to make your dream home a reality!
North American and Japanese 2x4 construction are proven to provide a higher degree of comfort and safety than traditional building methods. Of course, Japanese 2x4 construction is based on North American construction methods and lumber, but, there are many differences.