Beautiful, durable, functional-
These are all elements of good exterior finishes. Of course, the main function is to protect structures and the contents from the elements, but extension of design and the living space are equally important.
Combinations of man-made and natural materials combine to protect, please the eye, and add enjoyment to the time spent at home.
Cultured and natural stone, tile and ceramics, iron and aluminum, mortars, siding, paints and wood-
So many opportunities for creativity!
Exterior Specialties
Knowledge, Experience, Ability-
These are some of the tools of the trade. Tools must be handled by skilled and qualified professionals. Trust in me to bring you professional, quality construction!
Of great importance, and often overlooked, or misunderstood, the framing of floors, walls and roofs must be done with precision and care.
Understanding lumber, its uses and limitations, and applying proper principles of engineering and assembly, will assure a durable and problem free structure.
Framing must be performed by qualified professionals to obtain the best possible results.
Professional Framing for
Longevity, Strength and Security