A full set of iApplication icons.
The blank iCal icon will display current date if you follow instructions. 
Check the Blog for iCal icon install instructions.
Includes the blank i for folders or whatever......




TimeMachine2002                            TimeMachine Blue Galaxy

                                Created from the machine in the         
                                2002 movie “The Time Machine”.     


              Mailbox                                     Rolodex for Address Book


Hard To Find Goodies

Especially for MDD owners with a problem  when booting to the AHT v1.2.6, here is the solution:

AHT 1.2.7.dmg

You just got yourself a Radeon 9000 Pro, and it won’t work because you need an unavailable OS 9 driver update? Well, here’s that hard to find little bugger:


If you need to update the ROM of a flashed ATI Radeon card, like the 9800 Pro, here’s the right file:


For anyone that may need it, here is CPU Director for OS X 10.4.9 and earlier.

Another one that can be elusive, and of interest especially to DP MDD owners:


Odds and Ends
Here are a few icons that I have made. If you like, click the .zip to download.
Each icon file includes all sizes from 512x512 down to 16x16.
 Free for personal use only.