Form, Function, and Fitness

Form- The form, or shape, of something should be pleasing to the senses, and should reflect care in craftsmanship.
Function- The use, or purpose, of something is of utmost importance when choosing a 
design or material.
Fitness - The suitability of a space, or material, for the intended use should always be
carefully considered. 内部造作工事 台所 階段 水回り 独特の装飾アイテム
Special needs require special attention. Whether a need be for storage, more space where there is none, or just something different for that special touch,
custom amenities are always welcome.
Living spaces
provide the backdrop for your individual lifestyle, and allow for the presentation of your style and taste.
The creation of living spaces combine shape, texture, color and light, to transform a room into your own unique sanctuary.
Whatever your taste, whatever the material,
spacious or intimate, I can help you create the living space that you desire.